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Blog 17 - Easter Bonnet

Easter Sunday used to present an excuse for mothers to wear a pretty hat to church, or little girls get dressed up for an Easter Parade. Today there are no traditional church will have to join a ZOOM or other such group to participate on line because of social distancing.

Your blogger has decided to go completely over the top, and selected the most outrageous hat in the brightest colours. Is there a scarf in the collection to match? Of course, today’s glowing jewel colours outshine even the unlikely shades of the hat’s roses, and moreover there are four silk covered bangles to match.

Where did I find this amazing scarf? 

I lived in California for many years in the idyllic little town of Sausalito. There was a great shop called Takahashi, Japanese I think, which sold unusual imported goods and there I found my long pure silk scarf of orange, shocking pink, purple and turquoise. Of course, I had to buy the four matching silk bangles! Takahashi was in an tiny arcade leading to the Sausalito ferry on San Francisco Bay. Beyond Sausalito lay Alcatraz, the former island prison, a grim grey fortress, and looming from the sea fog to the right, the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, then ahead, the incredible skyline of San Francisco. Today, we are all in our individual Alcatraz situations, knowing what lies behind the walls, yet curtailed from escape. But, for us, we are not lifers, and freedom lies ahead.

I wore my scarf and bangles often in California, where there were hot tub parties, peacock feathers and bright sunshine. I am not sure how I will look in a tiny suburban patio with my Ascot Hat shielding me from April’s unexpected rays and my afternoon cuppa in hand. Fortunately my garden in not overlooked!

The Easter bonnet has no exotic background, bought in an M&S sale.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 17.

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