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Blog 89 - Sunflowers

I wanted to share with you today a kind thought associated with sunflowers. I cannot believe in my huge collection I don’t have a scarf showing this happy flower. I have this pretty one in silk, with hand rolled edges, no designer name, but it is the right shade of sunny yellow with many tiny dots of blue and yellow. I was tempted to buy one from a range inspired by Linda McCartney’s last visit to Kew Gardens, designed by Jo Timney and sold in aid of Kew’s World Seed Bank at Wakehurst. There is an article about them in Kew Gardens Summer magazine, which reminded me about a few happy hours spent at Wakehurst last year on an outing with Richmond Age UK when I was fascinated by the birdlife as well as the trees, plants and seed bank. I think the pheasants were well used to visitors and allowed me to photo them very close up. I resisted the temptation then to buy a scarf.

My barrister granddaughter had a kind thought at Easter this year. She had recently moved to a new home and delivered small gifts to her new neighbours of sunflower seeds, pots filled with soil and feed, with the simple request to give them water and love. Much better than a chocolate egg! She planted some for her own tiny courtyard. I look forward to the photograph later this summer. Perhaps she will do better than her older sister whose Primary School entered the five tallest plants in a Garden centre competition. Their mother was entrusted with the transport of these five precious plants to the judging centre as she had a vehicle with a sun roof. Alas, by the end of the journey, the foliage was completed in shreds and their efforts were in vain. Let’s hope there are no high winds hitting South London this summer and the sunflowers will bring happiness, positivity and strength, as promised, to the lucky recipients of a good neighbourly gesture.

I am also blessed with caring neighbours, so today’s blog is in gratitude for that benefit which has come out of lockdown.

After my blog about poppies, I had lots of mail with lovely poppy photos.......I expect many of you have a sunflower story!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 89.

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