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Blog 15 - Magnolia

The vivid colours of this scarf and painting should put paid to the idea of safety in house decorating shades. Let's play it safe and paint walls magnolia, say the more timid. The magenta pink of this magnolia is bold.

I had asked friends, family, blog readers everywhere to send me any little painting, drawing or idea, and I would try to match up a scarf and what it might mean to me. A handwritten envelope has sat among my mail in  quarantine for three days. I opened it yesterday and my heart sang. A postcard sized painting of magnolia buds, all the more special as it came from a very young woman who is resolutely fighting her own battle with essential hospital treatments whilst dodging CV19 on these visits.

Surely, I must have a scarf with magnolias. No luck, but I found this beautiful, raw silk, striped one with the rich colours of her little painting. I honestly cannot remember where I bought it. It was certainly in Britain, but it was surely woven in India. I understand my blogs have reached Kerala, India where they too have lock down. I was given a necklace from there in the past and I understand the turquoise beads were chosen for me and then knotted with black silk which was then plaited to make my choker. A lovely piece of handicraft. Perhaps my scarf came from Kerala. It has always been on my bucket list to visit. Maybe, one day.......

Thank you, K, for choosing my scarf for Blog 15 and I will see if I have a scarf to match these beads!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 15

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