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Scarf Aid

On March 26th 2020, the Covid-19 lockdown began in the UK. An 86 year old Hazell Jacobs turned to her collection of silk scarves (hundreds...accumulated over decades of travels around the world) to inspire her to write a story, every day for one hundred days of isolation.

An online community blossomed with readers from all across the globe, including India, Australia, South America and Europe, many of whom struggling under the weight of isolation or missing a supportive local network.

For both the readers and Hazell, Series 1 became a lifeline of sorts. A creative project with a positive cause - to cheer people up.


Through no shortage of scarves, Series 2 began on July 12th 2020 with one blog posted weekly on Sunday. 199 blogs have been published so look out for Blog 200 in the future.

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