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Blog 99 - Black & Silver

I could never have forecast what a strange week I have had. My blogs have determined my life somewhat with the writing of one leading to another.  It started with my magic carpet taking me off to Tahiti which lead me to the following day to write about the christening of my Tahitian friends’ granddaughter. Whilst writing the first paragraph, I had an unexpected phone call from the very person I was writing about. He mentioned that he was selling his car this week as his family were off to start a new life in Portugal. I impulsively asked what it was.....a Mini. Good, I thought.....that was my first car, perhaps I should buy it as a more reliable back up to the Red Lady, my beautiful Grande Dame, the BMW convertible.

I will be taking possession of it this afternoon, but on looking at the photos of it, I find it is a silver and black MiniCooperS! not the bog standard Mini. My Red Lady is sulking as she has reigned supreme in my garage for thirty-three years! I have no idea if I will have the courage to learn to drive an unfamiliar car, but we will see. I notice the letter S after Cooper is in red; I shall have a broad red stripe painted along the shiny black roof, so I can find it in a car park. Goodness knows, if I will even be able to lower myself into it.....or out!  Again, we’ll see.

So which scarf to wear for this new adventure?  It has to match the silver and black of the Mini, so I have chosen a smart Christian Dior in these colours. If you look closely, I have photographed it with two black pearl rings which I wear on my wedding finger above my wedding ring. I commissioned the present owner of the Mini to buy one for me on one of his trips to Tahiti to see his parents. His mother sent the other as a gift. I am wearing both today to bring me luck.

Just had another phone call from a granddaughter this time, telling me a surprise gift is being delivered today or tomorrow, a silver grey Gothic garden mirror. My excitement is mounting......

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 99.

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