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Hello to all my readers! I have missed my scarves for a few weeks now but I’m glad to say the magic carpet is still about. It popped over to New York, had a chat with the New York Times and brought back two mischievous characters.


May I introduce Nutty, a plump little character with long eyelashes, and Crackers who has one raised eyebrow and wears green boots.

Busybeehazell does Wordle every morning. I start with a five lettered word of my choice and I have six lines in which I have to work out the five letter word chosen by the NYT. I plan to write a very short piece, with the assistance of Nutty and Crackers using every word I have needed to reach the chosen Wordle.


This idea of creative writing might be something you, your children, grandchildren might care to take up just for fun! No prizes but it beats doing housework! Naturally it will be posted after the day NYT issues the daily puzzle so I don’t give any clues. There will not be a scarf in sight!

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