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Sunday 16 October

It’s Busybee’s BIRTHday. She is on that slippery SLOPE towards a big number next year. The naughty duo who are planning a trip to outer SPACE next month will return for that.

Today they gave her a gift of a garden SPADE.

“Something missing?” quizzed the birthday lady. “A handsome gardener?”

Monday 17 October

“Why on EARTH are you drinking that TEPID ale from the bottle?”asked Nutty. “Please UNTIE your birthday gift.”

He was very pleased to find a splendid glass STEIN with a pewter lid.

Tuesday 18 October

Nutty had kindly offered to RINSE out the beer stains from Crackers’ blanket.

“You’ll need that with the rising cost of heating. I’ve just heard there has been a HEIST of all the country’s hot water bottles! We will have to EXIST with cosy blankets, scarves and maybe a knitted hat.”

Wednesday 19 October

“This is a nice PLACE to rest after that BRISK walk.” said Nutty.

Crackers’ individual facial QUIRK, his raised right eyebrow, shot even higher.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed that fierce bull in the field. Run!”

Thursday 20 October

They scrambled from the FIELD, the angry bull in full chase.

Jupiter, the DEITY who changed himself into the bull Taurus, was ill-pleased. His only trophy was Crackers’ DENIM hat, now dangling on one horn!

Friday 21 October

Winter’s frost had turned the landscape WHITE in PLACE of Autumn’s gold. The last blackberries FROZE on bushes in the woodland GROVE.

The duo picked a few.

“Nearly as good as an ice lolly.”said Nutty.

Saturday 22 October

“I must FETCH my fancy dress GUISE from the loft. It will soon be Hallowe’en.” said Nutty.

Crackers PRIES open his eyes, suddenly awakened.

“What SPIEL are you giving me to disturb my sleep? This is no time to trick or treat!”

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Rebecca Hodgkins
Rebecca Hodgkins
25 ต.ค. 2565

Happy belated birthday, Busybee!

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