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So, here we have the launch of my new blog. I am no longer Busybeehazell, but will write under the name NUTTYCRACKERS. You will see where the name comes from Hazell, my first name….hazelnuts and my surname Jacobs giving you these somewhat boring cream crackers. Both NUTTY and CRACKERS are fun-loving little characters. NUTTY has long eyelashes; CRACKERS wears green boots and has one raised eyebrow and is anything but boring! There are no scarves involved and the magic carpet is rolled up in my garage.

I have been addicted to the New York Times word game Wordle and had the idea of extending the pleasure of the game with the following idea.

Those of you who play will know you start with your own choice of a five letter word and the aim is to find the chosen word of the day in six guesses or less. If you guess the right letter in the correct place it will come up green, right letter in wrong position is yellow and black is wrong letter. My challenge is to write a short paragraph involving my characters using all the words I have used to solve the Wordle daily game. Each reader will have a different choice of words and if you fancy it, you can make up your own little story. No prizes, just amusement……and it delays dusting or cleaning the car! I think this has great value for children who play the game to encourage use of their imagination and story telling. Something for all the family.

Saturday 6 August

Nutty could feel her HEART beating fast. She could hardly SPEAK. Her dear friend Crackers had just been hit by a LANCE from an ALIEN. He was sadly missing a corner.

Sunday 7 August

“When are you going to LEARN not to antagonise men in flying saucers?” said Nutty.

“I will not AGREE to that” replied Crackers.

“I DREAM that I shall SMEAR their landing spot with hot tar. That will stop their take-off!”

Monday 8 August

Crackers thought it would be GREAT to do something exciting this evening.

“Let’s MOUNT our paddle boards and go along the river” said he, pulling on his green boots.

“Don’t be silly.” said Nutty.

“It’s UNLIT and you are UNFIT with that corner chunk missing!”

Tuesday 9 August

Crackers emptied the WATER from his green boots.

“I know why I tipped off the paddle board. I was waving my BATON, imagining I was conducting the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra at the BBC Proms.”

Nutty fluttered her long lashes.

“You and your imagination! Have a hot drink and a veggie PATTY. I’ve just cooked them.”

Wednesday 10 August

“Let’s make FUDGE today” said Crackers.

“I GRANT you won’t follow a recipe.” The little nut sighed.

“You’ll SLING the ingredients together, forget to keep stirring, and the burnt sticky mess will CLING to the bottom of the pan.”

“Ok! I’ll buy a chocolate fudge bar from the shop.”

Thursday 11 August

“I’m going to PAINT a picture of a wolf with a wicked SNARL on its face facing me ALONE. He is trying to GLEAN how to steal my packet of crackers.”

“Are you having bad dreams again?” asked Nutty.

Friday 12 August

BusyBee had a terrible wordle SCORE today. Six guesses!

Nutty wanted to know if the WHEAT in her friend’s cracker came from Ukraine. The MEDIA indicated that it might be possible to EXPEL the Russian invaders….. with the intervention of a good ANGEL…..and then the wheat could be exported again.

They checked the contents on the LABEL of the cream crackers.

“Yes, wheat flour and, oh dear! unsustainable palm oil!”

Saturday 13 August

It was going to be a GREAT day, not a CLOUD in the sky, forecast SUNNY.

“Let’s do something FUNKY today” said little Nutty. “What about a visit to Craig Charles’ Funk & Social Club at Brixton Jamm? I might meet a HUNKY peanut brittle.”

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