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Sunday 6 November

Which DANCE would top the Strictly leaderboard this week? There were many BRAVE efforts. Nutty was so engrossed in the TV show, her PLATE of STALE sandwiches lay untouched.

“Ah! Peanut sarnies…..the birds will enjoy these!” said Crackers.

Monday 7 November

A noise was HEARD from the other side of the FENCE. Nutty grabbed her PEONY pink jacket from the NEWEL post and rushed outside.

How would she BEGIN to tackle this new problem?

Tuesday 8 November

The duo boarded the gigantic LINER. It was luxury on such a grand SCALE…..but where would they berth to collect a SHELL, SMELL the seaweed, feel the SWELL? So easy to fall under the SPELL of on-board entertainment and never leave ship!

Wednesday 9 November

The cruise ship approached the Dover COAST. They would VALUE being on home soil again. Somehow the onboard opulence did not MARRY with the sight of RAGGY immigrants clutching a flimsy dinghy on an unwelcoming RAINY day.

Thursday 10 November

It was an ugly SIGHT on the M25 with a blockade by protestors. More TRAIN disruption was forecast. Even nurses had agreed to UNITE in their first ever strike.

Nutty was still worried about that noise on the other side of the fence.

Friday 11 November

At eleven today we will remember the names listed on village CHART and city cenotaph of those lost on SANDY beaches and muddy trenches.

Crackers picked up on an article in the MEDIA about the Dickin MEDAL, the animals’ VC. He was still upset about his own injury sustained from an alien attack. He wondered if he qualified for a water biscuit distinction?

Saturday 12 November

The BIRTH of the STEAM engine was in Cornwall in 1803. Nutty began to PLANT the idea of a visit there.

Crackers was enthusiastic. He had a secret plan. Since watching The Crown on Netflix, he would offer his services as VALET to Richard Branson. What was the plan?

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