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Sunday 21 August

“Why have you FIXED a Scottish CREST on your jumper Nutty? That will go down like a heavy STONE over the border.”

“Just to TEASE you. I did it in HASTE and stuck it with tooth PASTE.”

In doing so, Busybee failed miserably today and didn’t get WASTE!!!

A poor score of seven!

Monday 22 August

“We are out of BREAD, must go to the STORE to buy a TIGER loaf.“ “Don’t forget to REMIT our utilities money” said Nutty. “We don’t want to MERIT a visit from the bailiff.”

“You worry too much little nut!”

Tuesday 23 August

Nutty was not ALONE in her worries about inflation. Would there be enough in Government coffers to ENDOW all with a heating grant?

“Why have I been WOKEN with another heavy WOVEN blanket on my bed? It’s not winter yet.” said Crackers.

“Just getting ready.”

Wednesday 24 August

Their sandwiches had gone STALE as they sat on the BENCH by the river people-watching. There was the woman with a pink silk PEONY on her sun hat, the NERDY men in sandals and socks and then the NEEDY tramp with his plastic begging cup.

Thursday 25 August

Crackers had fallen asleep after their picnic. The river is tidal at Richmond and he had not noticed the WATER getting higher. His right eyebrow shot up even higher in a SCOWL. Nutty would think him a right CLOWN if he returned with his green boots full of Thames debris …..yet again!

Friday 26 August

The GRAND opening of the Transport Museum was advertised in large PRINT throughout the city. The IRONY was on that particular day there was a railway strike.

Crackers’ boots were still drying out anyway!

Saturday 27 August

Nearly midnight. The LIGHT flickered and the power went off. Nutty would need to SPEAK to UK Power. Landline dead, no internet. She could not move the COVER of the fuse METER box. Finally with a long stick she poked the main switch up down, up down. T’was like milking a cow’s empty UDDER….nought!

She remembered her iPhone to get help. “Dammit!”

Disturbed from his sleep, Crackers’ exclamation was much RUDER!

Fire brigade, power company digging gang throughout the night. Power back on at 5.29am. Morning tea as usual.

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