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Sunday 23 October

Another RAINY day. The duo were happy to have their Wordle HOBBY. Maybe one would be LUCKY and get the answer in 2 or even 1! Oh, no! Nutty was the DUMMY failing completely. She gave a GUMMY smile, patted her fat TUMMY and wondered how she didn’t get that most important word…… MUMMY!

Monday 24 October

The football STAND was half empty. The fans had not used their QUOTA of seats. The Chelsea player in TAUPE Third Stadium shirt looked GAUNT as he got a red card. He felt he was not at FAULT.

Tuesday 25 October

It would be GREAT to stay indoors OWING to inclement weather. Maybe it would be fun to bake bread. Alas, too much water in the DOUGH made the loaf SOGGY and steam from the cooking made the windows FOGGY.

Wednesday 26 October

Crackers wanted to go to Paris.

“I see they need a PIANO player at the Moulin ROUGE.”

Nutty ignored him. He would have to SHOUT louder to get her attention.

“Don’t be silly.” she replied at last. “You can’t FLOUT Brexit rules and work in France.”

Thursday 27 October

The TV news reported a BRAVE START to the couple’s life. The young Ukrainian soldier would MARRY his childhood sweetheart, CARRY her over…. not the threshold of a new home….but to a bunker, and then return to battle.

Friday 28 October

The duo had offered to decorate the church for Harvest Festival. A PLATE of autumn fruits, baskets of vegetables, flowers and Nutty’s home made BREAD. They could not SWEAR it was all their own effort. The farmer had helped with a SHEAF of corn. Little did they know a field mouse would SNEAK in with the corn and nibble Nutty’s bread.

Saturday 29 October

Crackers got his wish to visit Paris. He was not on STAGE playing piano at a famous nightclub, but in a METRO station with his mouth organ. A final CHECK of his day’s takings showed a few euros, a button and foreign coins.

A month later, the headline read…..A Cream Cracker has FILED a LIBEL suit.

Something about international labour laws and musical ability.

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