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Sunday 2 October

Busybeehazell gave a tartan SCARF to a new Brazilian friend. It would keep her hair from being BLOWN about in Manchester. BBH tied the small parcel with garden TWINE.

Monday 3 October

They would STARE at a photo of an elephant on a STOOL during a circus STUNT long ago. It would STING the conscience that wild animals had been treated so.

Tuesday 4 October

Nutty wore a ZEBRA striped scarf and a BLOND wig. Crackers would never recognise her. She sat on the BOUGH of the tree eating cherries and aimed the stones at her friend below. He recognised her long curly eye lashes.

Wednesday 5 October

The nine year old did his DAILY walk for Cancer Research Charity. Armed with WATER he would MARCH resolutely over dry plain and wet MARSH on his 100 mile October challenge.

Well done, my great-grandson MARSHall. His target was £200 and so far after only five days he has raised over £846!

Thursday 6 October

There was much MIRTH as they happily planned their trip to SOUTH America. Would they see the endangered golden lion tamarin, a jaguar or even the slow moving SLOTH?

Friday 7 October

All rich food was kept out of Nutty’s SIGHT. She was on a BLAND diet. Yet visions of chocolate truffles would DANCE before her.

“All fine and DANDY for you Crackers with your wafer thin body!”

He quickly wiped the crumbs from his mouth.

Saturday 8 October

The PARTY was in full swing. Crackers was hoping to SCORE as the ROMEO of the evening.

“Now I know why you had a nap PRIOR to preserve your VIGOR for dancing.”

Nutty thought he should have changed out of green wellies.

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