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Sunday 14 August

Nutty was finding it difficult to WRITE her shopping list. She had twisted her PINKY finger at last night’s Brixton party. In an exuberant dance move, she had bumped into Crackers, sending his KHAKI beret flying. He was sensitive about his missing biscuit corner and sometimes wore a hat. She headed her shopping list….Beret, Arnica, Adhesive plasters.

Monday 15 August

The friends were having a barbecue. It was dark. Suddenly they HEARD a noise from the bushes. Nutty, the more timid, FROZE. Crackers grabbed the POKER and advanced!

Tuesday 16 August

The only intruder in the bushes was a tiny MOUSE. It would be CRUEL to chase it with a poker, thought Crackers as he returned to the barbecue.

“Shall we share supper with our visitor?” asked Nutty.

“I could mash up a sweetcorn and make him a maize GRUEL.”

“Don’t bother. I saw his teeth. He is quite capable of eating it straight from the cob.”

Wednesday 17 August

After last night’s corn FEAST, the mouse was back.

“If you think we are setting a TREND of free meals for rodents, you’re wrong. Once is enough, TWICE - not likely!”

Thursday 18 August

“Choose a VIDEO to watch and PLANT yourself on that reclining chair.” said Crackers.

Nutty WRANG her hands in despair.

“Have you forgotten last time I sat in that chair, it gave a TWANG and I was catapulted through the air?”

Friday 19 August Busybee, their old friend, had LASER eye treatment yesterday. With improved sight she now noticed Crackers’ missing corner. He gave an indifferent SHRUG when asked if he was going to have it mended.

Saturday 20 August

“I see you have GLUED your corner back. What did you use?”

The smiling CREAM cracker answered.

“One of your clear adhesive plasters worked a TREAT. I am ready for next week’s adventures.”

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