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Sunday 30 October

Busybeehazell writes about the SUPER effort of her nine year old great-grandson. She can GLOAT over the final TALLY of donations he has raised walking 100 miles in October for Cancer Research. As I write, he has 0.75 miles to walk. He can WALTZ through that with a day to spare. He is walking for a family member with cancer who may buy him a new pair of trainers. His goal was £200 which he has surpassed by another £1000.

Monday 31 October

Crackers had a COUGH.

“No way can you fly on a PLANE today.” said Nutty. “You must APPLY for a cancellation.”

“That APTLY fits with your plans to celebrate Hallowe’en at home. If I carve the pumpkin, can I have some treats?”

“Yes, throat lozenges!” she answered.

Tuesday 1 November

Nutty had to find a FRESH PLACE to hide her chocolates. Her choice of hiding places would soon PETER out. Crackers PINED for something other than the PINEY flavour of pumilio oil cough pastilles.

Wednesday 2 November

In the BLINK of an eye, the seagulls swooped. Their joint INPUT enabled one to steal Nutty’s ice cream cone, whilst knocking her INERT on the promenade. Crackers would think her completely INEPT to be robbed by a gang of thieving birds!

Thursday 3 November

The LEAFY wind would WALTZ through the park. Autumn brought its SHOAL of gold, copper and red leaves like fish swimming in a mass, then scattering.

“You are poetic today.” said Nutty as Crackers voiced these thoughts ALOUD.

Friday 4 November

“What are you DOING?” It was a SHOCK seeing Crackers trying to get a selfie PHOTO with the latest prime minister.

“Get one with Larry the Downing Street cat. He is more constant. He’s been catching mice there since 2011!”

Saturday 5 November

The November Fifth FEAST was over. Bonfire flames grew PALER. Nobody would ARGUE against having parties again. Covid lockdown seemed like a bad DREAM. Now for Christmas!

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