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NUTTY CRACKERS: Weeks 5, 6, 7

Dear readers, I felt it was inappropriate to publish light hearted blogs during mourning the queen but I wrote one every day including this past week.

Saturday 3 Sept

The two friends were going to MEDIA City in Manchester to watch the filming of Coronation Street.

“Please don’t fall into that ROUGH GULLY Crackers!”

The water in the stream feeding the canal was low because of the dry summer. Crackers reckoned he had seen a pied wagtail fly along the gully.

“We are here to see where the BBC and ITV hang out, check on artist Lowry, maybe Man United…’s not a bird watching field trip.”

Sunday 4 Sept

Nutty stood out from the CROWD wearing her SMART TIGER print headscarf bought on the INTERnet.

Monday 5 Sept

The TRAIN was busy as football fans began to FLOCK onboard with cans of BOOZE. Crackers was surprised when one merry fan made a SWOOP on his potato crisps and with a WHOOP made off down the carriage.

Tuesday 6 Sept

With a GLEAM in her eye, Nutty surveyed her weight CHART. She would ALLOT No more time reducing her WAIST line. She met Crackers’ TAUNT of a candy with….”I’m naturally round. I’ll have two!”

Wednesday 7 Sept

The BEACH souvenir shop beckoned. A water MELON magnet for Crackers and a questionable JEWEL for Nutty. ‘Made in China’ seemed to BELIE it was a real gem. As for the tub of FEELY green slime, Nutty was indeed LEERY of his future mischief.

Thursday 8 Sept

They FOUND the thief trying to STEAL grapes from the GLASS house.

“We can hardly CLASS a blackbird as a robber” said Nutty. “The open door was inviting!”

Friday 9 Sept

Today saw the BIRTH of a new Royal era. Nutty and Crackers were among THOSE following a THEME of solemn grief for the loss of a dedicated Queen Elizabeth.

Saturday 10 Sept

It was sad to see the DEATH of an old tree blown down by GUSTY winds. Some WITTY bystander remarked there would be lots of BOOTY. Squirrels garnered acorns and the woodcutter planned recycling the fine old wood from the LOFTY oak tree.

Sunday 11 Sept

The CROWN was passed from Queen to King. Each guardsman lay down his BLADE and raised his bearskin hat to cheer. One dignitary’s long red habit disguised his broken TIBIA. Despite the pain, he was determined to process with the aid of his stick.

Monday 12 Sept

The HORSE heard her VOICE calling from the LODGE. The formal TOQUE had been replaced by a headscarf. Her Majesty was off for a picnic. The basket held a strawberry BOMBE, her favourite BOOZE and, of course, marmalade sandwiches.

Tuesday 13 Sept

Nutty said they should dress royally and wore a PEARL and LAPIS tiara. Crackers would have to APPLY some thought to this. As an ALPHA male water biscuit, he fancied a gold crown or a shining suit of armour.

“I’ll pop along to the Tower of London to borrow something.” said he boldly.

Wednesday 14 Sept

The PIANO and FLUTE music was jolly. “I recognise that THEME. Yes, it’s James Galway playing Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes. Your eyes are bright today Nutty. Have you been crying again?”

“Just peeling onions for the THYME stuffing for the chicken!”

Thursday 15 Sept

Nutty TRIED to eat her DONUT without making her fingers sticky.

“No DOUBT you would do better using a paper napkin.” said Crackers, not usually so correct.

Friday 16 Sept

The four children stood GUARD. One TAPER flickered PALER. Vigil over, the task of the PACER was heavy to lead the funeral procession. Past indiscretion and personal choice had been the PARER of privilege. Today, all wore military uniform.

Saturday 17 Sept

(Busybeehazell forgot to photograph grid today!!)

PRIDE and thanks from the WHOLE nation was shown throughout the land. Yet soon, where flowers now lay, Nutty and Crackers would play CHASE, and sliding down the playground CHUTE, they would laugh.

Sunday 18 Sept

The family took HEART as the TALLY of mourners grew bigger. They would keep a STIFF upper lip and stick together as a family in homage.

Monday 19 Sept

The ROYAL state funeral was PRIME viewing over the world. The final DRIVE to Windsor over, we now WRITE the final chapter. The late Queen’s TRIBE would now raise cheers THRICE for King Charles the Third.

Tuesday 20 Sept

They were paddling their CANOE. Nutty, being small, thought the still creature on the beach was a dead WHALE. It moved, very much ALIVE.

“Run, Crackers, he will swallow us!

“Don’t be silly Nutty, that’s a seat otter, not a bit ALIKE a whale. He won’t fancy eating a hard nut or a crumbly biscuit.”

Wednesday 21 Sept

He needed courage to TREAD where FERAL animals roam. The REGAL lion had left RENAL marking to his territory. Crackers could smell this. He would REPAY Nutty for daring him to jump the animal park fence.

Busybeehazell needs to RECAP her Wordle choices today. Silly mistake using ‘L’ again in lines 3&4!

Thursday 22 Sept

Nutty took the last TRICK in their game of WHIST. One playing card had a GLINT of PAINT on one corner.

“You cheated with a marked card. How could you TAINT this honourable game?”

“Come off it Crackers! You’re no SAINT. You cheat sometimes”

Friday 23 Sept

Wimbledon was packed on a SCALE never seen before. The LIGHT was failing. A GROWL came from the crowd as tennis play was stopped. They wanted to share the GLORY of seeing their favourite win again.

“Let’s get some strawberries and cream whilst the roof is raised.” said Crackers.

Saturday 24 Sept

Crackers set up the picnic TABLE. He had a CRATE of beer, but alas he dropped the bottle opener down the GRATE.

“Stick with water!” said Nutty.

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Hazell Jacobs
Hazell Jacobs
25 de set. de 2022

My patient and talented Art Editor Ella has done an amazing job posting three weeks writing.

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