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Sunday 13 November

Crackers’ plan was to go into ORBIT with Launcher One. It was due to be launched from Cornwall attached to a Virgin Airways plane. Hence his plan to offer valet services to Richard Branson.

In the meantime, Nutty was still worried about what might be LYING on the other side of the fence. In order to flee from some possible FIEND, she agreed to go on this space adventure.

This is the last but one blog, number 99 from NUTTYCRACKERS so that Busybeehazell can stop this INANE writing using these Wordle game attempts.

Monday 14 November

From space, the EARTH looked very small through the rocket’s viewing PANEL. Nutty wondered how much time would LAPSE before they returned.

Crackers had painted a red MAPLE leaf over his fractured corner just in case he had another encounter with the alien mentioned in Blog number 1 on 6th August.

“Why a maple leaf?” asked Nutty.

“Don’t you know the maple stands for Unity, Tolerance and Peace. I hope that alien gets the message…..also the people back on Planet Earth!”

So, dear readers, no more blogs for the moment. Do keep eyes and ears open in our press and media for news of Launcher One….. and hopefully next month there will be my annual Christmas story.

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