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Sunday 25 September

Crackers was going to TREAD carefully today. A rising tide would not DAUNT him. Yet it was not easy to ADOPT new ways. He had to ADMIT his green boots were often full of smelly river water.

Monday 26 September

There was not enough SPACE to practice tai chi in the kitchen. “Too RISKY with all your wild lunges” said the little nut. “Let’s go for a BRISK walk instead.”

Tuesday 27 September

“You look like a JUDGE in that white beanie.”

Crackers pulled his hat on tightly.

“When it’s damp FOGGY weather, my damaged corner gets all SOGGY.”

Wednesday 28 September

No matter how they TRIED not to MOURN the sad financial situation, all the politicians’ BLURB SPURS the pair to rebel. The cost of Covid, Putin’s wish to USURP power, rising food and energy prices hits our feisty duo.

“Let’s buy an electric blanket, some more woolly jumpers and watch tv in bed!”

Thursday 29 September

“Can you PROVE you made that BATCH of crème caramel?” asked Crackers. “You CLAIM you didn’t buy them ready made.”

“Look at my SCALY hand where I happened to SCALD it pouring away the hot water I baked them in.”

Friday 30 September

Crackers naughtily gave Nutty a SWIPE as she practised her SQUAT exercises. She lost her balance and her hair SNOOD went flying.

“Don’t SCORN my keep-fit efforts and kindly return my head covering.”

Saturday 1 October

With a light HEART he planned the BEANO of a party to be held on the WEALD of Kent. If the marquee was LEAKY, they would LEAVE to continue festivities in the village hall.

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