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Sunday 9 October

It would be GREAT if the New York Times would stop using American words and spelling.

“SLICK persuasion.” muttered Nutty sitting on her velvet POUFF. She was struggling with her new HOBBY doing Wordle.

“They are not going to convince me to say HOWDY instead of How Are You? or even Hello!”

Monday 10 October

Joints now CREAK which used to GLIDE. OFTEN she would rely on her EBONY walking stick. Today she was acting as ENVOY to negotiate better rights for the disabled. She would ENJOY the role.

“Don’t forget your glasses” said Crackers. “You’ll look silly if you can’t read your speech.”

Tuesday 11 October

There was great MIRTH at the party. Nutty had chosen a SLICE of cold ham and a couple of tiny hard boiled QUAIL eggs, remarking “I suppose it’s VALID for hens to be on strike….or is our host cutting back on portion sizes?”

“Hush!” said Crackers passing her the celery salt.

Wednesday 12 October

Busybee’s HEART is BLOWN apart today. She has played Wordle for months and today failed. She went from SONIC sounds, MONIC mathematics and finally CONIC.

Nutty and Crackers agreed she should wear the cone-shaped dunce cap today!!!

Too late came the answer IONIC.

Thursday 13 October

Nutty began to WRITE in her diary….. Gained a little weight. Had to undo one PLEAT in skirt. Life not EQUAL. Crackers eats a lot and stays wafer thin.

Friday 14 October

Crackers MEANT to behave with the ramblers GROUP in Richmond Park today. He listened to the CHOIR of birdsong, tried to follow the SPOOR of the deer but ended up flat on the FLOOR of the woods, caught in the prickly brambles. His raised right eyebrow was stained blackberry red!

Saturday 15 October

They could hear the PIANO playing at the beach bar. Crackers paddled in the SALTY WATER hoping to CATCH a fish. Nutty could wait no longer.

“See you later. I’m off to get fish fingers from the beach bar.”

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