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Blog 100 - Remembrance

I started the website Blog no.1 with RED & WHITE GUGGENHEIM, so it seems fitting I write the final Blog in this series with another red and white scarf. My first was in memory of my late husband and my final is in tribute to you, all my readers. I decided I would wear my red poppies today for remembrance. Of course, it had to be silk, heavy chiffon, with the hand stitched edges, but I can’t tell you who designed it or even where I bought it.

Remembrance of past adventures, misadventures, travel, friends, family has kept me going during our enforced lockdown. I hope it has entertained others and ignited your own memories. So many of you have commented on the blog or written to me personally about shared experiences and there have been so many coincidences, it is uncanny.

How could I have known that my one hundredth blog would be going out on July 4th, our own Independence Day, when it is officially the day when restrictions in our country are relaxed? I have flown the Union Jack from my front doorstep since that first blog launch, through rain, the odd hailstone, thunder, rainbows and sunshine. By now, you will know I am quite superstitious, and I think I will leave it there for a little while longer till we are sure we have really turned the corner with the dreaded Corona Virus.

I have many more scarves and I feel it will be a belt and braces job if I continue to write a weekly blog in place of daily ones. I have Series One of 100 completed, if I write one a week for the next year, Series Two of 50 will be done by next year’s anniversary of Independence Day. Surely by then, we will have a vaccine and nightmares will be replaced by happy dreams.

Dare I look in another Charity Shop for a vintage Liberty or Hermes? I made a promise to myself, I would have to give up two for one! At least, my nicest ones are now archived.


Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 100.

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