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Blog 13 - Cocktails in New York?

I’ve had an unusual week…haven’t we all? COVID restrictions changing all the time in the UK, American Presidential election in all the news, the Trumps gone down with the virus, and your blogger making provision for possibly a longer lockdown than last one. It’s a comforting feeling to have my larder filled, plenty of jobs to occupy me and good news to share with you.

You may be wondering why has she chosen that scarf today. The clue is the small motif, yes the honey bee, my emoji, but why that somewhat outdated cocktail bag with pictures of New York, front and back? A remarkable thing happened on Sunday. The New York Times ran an article about me and the scarf blogs and the blog has gone ballistic! I have been very touched that so many folks have identified with my blethers…..that’s a good Scottish word. I like to throw in little puzzles for you to work on….the Scots will know what I mean. I was brought up as a little girl to write a thank you letter when I received a gift. My present this week was from the New York Times for publishing that article and I would like to say thanks to them, the journalist Corinne, the photographer Elizabeth, Age UK who started it off and most of all to you, dear readers across the world including the beekeeper from Ireland, the lady from Cherokee country and everyone who takes time to comment.

So, let’s get going across the Atlantic. I don’t know if my tiny bee’s wings will get me there. The magic carpet is sulking so I don’t trust it in turbulence with so much hot air generated by political talk. Two months ago, I was talked into renewing my passport in case we had the opportunity to travel. I surrendered my European Union one and now have this shiny new blue British one. So, shall we be off to New York? An aeroplane it will have to be. I will travel light with my cocktail bag just in case there is a party, my scarf tied with a jaunty bow, and yes, I will be up to finding a thrift shop there to look for another treasure of a silk scarf. My last visit to New York was many years ago. I didn’t know about charity shops then. I shopped on Fifth Avenue and bought a Valentino silk blouse and this unusual necklace of double V’s which is actually a Valentino invention to carry a tiny phial of their perfume. The blouse has long gone, but there is still a little perfume left. I sniff it and it brings back the memory of that bustling vibrant city. The Toulouse-Lautrec posters from the Museum of Modern Art were also bought on that trip in 1985. Another painter, like Frida Kahlo, who escaped his personal physical handicap through his art. I painted clouds on my walls in this tiny room.....helps with imaginary flights!

Just as I am planning this trip, I get a message that our own Telegraph want to interview and do another photo shoot, so I will put my shiny unused new passport back in the desk. The trip is on hold.

In the meantime, I will wear the double V necklace and remember that the V was Winston Churchill’s signature gesture in wartime. I will hold on to that idea of V for VICTORY over the differing adversities facing each and everyone today.

Next week I am sure the carpet will be ready to fly and I think we might be off to Thailand. Do join me!

After reading this blog, you might like to look in today's Telegraph. I have no idea what their reporter Ellie Stiefel has written about me or how their photographer Jeffrey perceives me. Life is full of surprises and I will just have to mix my own cocktail.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 13.

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