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Blog 16 - Easter Eggs

Easter Saturday at last! Anticipation building up about all these chocolate egg hunts for the lucky children with gardens, anxiety for parents with little ones in a flat without a garden or balcony, and desperation for those unable to afford the luxury of chocolate at all.

The scarf today reminds me of eggs of many colours, some more like fried eggs rather than chocolate ones. It is by Oscar De La Renta bought in a Goodwill shop on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. My friend Betsy and I had flown independently from London, assisted travel by different airlines, and we met in our wheelchairs in Boston airport. Ditched them, then bus and ferry to the Vineyard. It was October and the fall colours were magnificent. After a few days in her charming wooden clapboard home, she must have wondered about my request to visit a charity shop. My friend is not a treasure hunter as I am in charity shops, but pandered to my desire to find a memory trophy. I think this little scarf cost me all of two or three dollars. Next day on the news was the announcement that Oscar de la Renta died. These coincidences keep occurring in my life.

I am going to hardboil four eggs, paint faces on them to represent my kind family of shoppers and leave them on my doorstep for their collection. My memory of Easter as a young child in wartime Scotland was going on a picnic and rolling our hard boiled eggs down a hill. First one to crack would get married first! Our White Leghorn hens laid white eggs, so some were boiled with yellow gorse petals, others with tea leaves, and some with cochineal.

My shoppers, parents and  two university student sons will have to think of some other game to play with their hard boiled effigies! Their sons will be in no hurry to marry and their small lawn is quite flat! Thanks for your help.

Happy Easter.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 16.

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