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Blog 19 - Organic Challenge

Last week I asked if any of my blog readers  wanted to send me a challenge. A friend sent me a photo of her granddaughter’s A level organic art project.  Lovely colours and textures. I wasn’t quite sure about the organic bit. Organic beef, chickens, eggs, broccoli sprang to mind. What is it about this lock down that makes me keep thinking about food? There’s even organic chocolate and, Heaven help us, organic wine.

But, back to the scarves.

Of course, most of mine are organic being silk, with the occasional one in cotton, and for winter, wool, cashmere or another of my favourites, alpaca. I decided to team the budding young student’s design by colour. Again, I cannot recall where I bought the scarf, but it met my criterion of pure silk with hand rolled edges. No designer name, but a pleasing easy flowing design of large flower heads. It is rather clever that I can wear it with soft colours on one side and more vivid on the reverse. A good example of BOGOF. Buy One, Get One Free!! Photo of art project on phone. I think the artist may be Molly. Not sure. Her granny did not say.

Returning to yesterday’s blog, I received this photo today. Seems my daughter got on some magic carpet overnight and found herself on Easter Island! I am going to look on eBay immediately for one of these carpets. I’ll see where I end up tomorrow.  

See you then.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 19.

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Perrin Fox
14 de abr. de 2020

Hiya Hazell. If you do find those carpets can you let me know. I'm getting me one of those too! Loving the colours of today's scarf. 👍😘

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