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Blog 20 - The Dragonfly

After yesterday’s long journey to Easter Island, my magic carpet is tired and refused to leave the country. Only short journeys allowed today. Do remember that when shopping for your groceries. Shop I wish I were allowed out to shop for myself. I would be foraging around for cornbread or some other obscure ingredient like black treacle. I will be good and stay home.

As a busy bee, a fluttering butterfly or a darting dragonfly, I am not used to the confines of one place. Every single day, I would be out .....on the head of the road, as my old granny would say. So, magic carpet, if you are not up for Long Haul today, where shall we go Short Haul?

Rosie, formerly a flight attendant on Concorde, painted this picture of a dragonfly yesterday, so it’s going to be a doddle of a short flight for the carpet to Winchester. I will tie my dark grey chiffon with green dragonflies scarf tightly, as the forecast shows light winds.

Why choose Winchester, you may well ask. I did say I was always on the head of the road. In latter years, I have been unable to drive long distances, as my 1987 Red Lady BMW cabriolet is in semi-retirement and I don’t trust my sight, so coach trips have been my escape to new adventure. The U3A were offering a trip to Winchester. We kept out of ditches, see Blog 12, and we all did our own thing on arrival. A friend and I took a guided walk around this wonderful old city, marvelling at King Arthur’s round table in the Great Hall of Winchester Castle, overawed in the medieval cathedral, resolving to read more Jane Austen, remembered by not one, but three memorials to her in the cathedral. She died nearby aged only 41 and her funeral was attended by only four people. Alas, only too relevant today. No mention of her writing on her first modest memorial, then acknowledged by the second erected by her nephew, and finally in 1900 a stained glass window was installed in her memory. Alas, there are so many people dying today who will be properly remembered later.  There are three in my life just this past week. Jane lead a secluded life and escaped through her writing, just as I do today with my scarf blogs. My Mr.Darcy appeared a long time ago and did a runner not long into this century. I am comfortable that he remains in my heart.

And yet, no mention of a dragonfly in Winchester.

Tired after our wandering, my friend and I had a jolly fine lunch in an old inn and then, joy, oh joy, there was a street market of craft stalls. I saw the silver dragonfly pendant, hand made by the stall holder in a village in Wiltshire near my daughter’s home. I felt it should come home with me. I will hold on to it tightly as we fly today.

Perchance, I may travel by train tomorrow.  Do join me......

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 20.

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