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Blog 22 - Orchids and Zebras

I thought it was time to show one of my favourite scarves by CHRISTIAN DIOR. This was prompted yesterday by my daughter sending me a happy photo of me wearing it at a family party to celebrate yet another big birthday. By now, you all know me as Busy Bee and the cake was made by Holly, another of my master baker grandchildren. As I am now on shortened rations these days, my mouth waters as I remember that cake with the white chocolate icing representing honeycomb and golden brittle like splodges of honey, with little bees resting after their busy endeavours.

But my blog is about the scarf.

I bought it second hand at a village fare on Ham Green.  A stall holder had a box of previously loved scarves and I bought three. I am sure the other two will appear in my blogs at some time.  I cannot think why anyone would want to part with this. It is one of my favourites and an interesting composition of fine check border, cream orchids in juxtaposition with zebra like stripes. I like the surprise of the wavy zebra stripes. The colouring is subtle, very dark navy and cream with touches of that deep honey colour which echo the colours of my birthday cake. I did check carefully today for any stains when I might have dribbled, excitedly wolfing down that yummy cake. It’s pristine!

I will probably miss the traditional village fairs this year, but I have my scarves to remember past times.

Tomorrow, I will dust down the magic flying carpet and be off.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 22.

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