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Blog 31 - Sanctuary

I must apologise for my misspelling of BERGAMO yesterday. I got my writer’s hat mixed up with my aromatherapist one! The calming essential bergamot oil comes from quite a different part of Italy. Let’s put it down to my isolation stress. At least I got it right by the last sentence of yesterday’s blog. Today I  have rubbed my wrists with its oil, drank my Earl Grey tea which also has bergamot in it. I feel quite calm. It’s a beautiful sunny day in my courtyard garden which is my sanctuary. I am looking at my orange trees, but I don’t think they are the bergamot variety.

A friend has moved in with me.  Her name is Matilda.

What!  You are not self isolating.

Matilda is a bonny plump wood pigeon and she has built a very untidy nest a few feet away from my chair. 

I have chosen a Madame Gres scarf today, another Parisian one. She was a designer well known for classical draped pleating of georgette in her dress designs. I saw some of her dresses at the V&A museum a few years ago. My scarf shows two pigeons in a tidier nest than that built by Matilda. 

I have had wood pigeons nesting for two previous seasons in my grapevine and the two offspring were very large before they departed my sanctuary. I had to climb a stepladder to see these, but I am banned from such activities since falling off a six inch stool a couple of weeks ago! One never sees a baby pigeon so I reckon they stay in the nest until nearly full grown. I will watch Matilda’s nest with great interest. It is exactly 4 pm and there has been a changeover of sitting tenant. I suppose that is George taking over. I wonder how long his shift will be? The nest is built on overgrown jasmine which is just about to burst into fragrant blossom. What a great birthing spot!

Now, I must now do some gardening jobs myself.

I will take you farther afield tomorrow.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 31.

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Susan PRAG
26 avr. 2020

What a stunning scarf, I remember seeing the beautiful georgette dress and some others at V&A and thinking how stunning they were, lovely peaceful story to go with scarf hope not too much pigeon mess to follow!!

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