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Blog 36 - Compassion On The Throne

I took this photo of my scarf and one or two other favourites some two or three weeks ago with little idea then what I would write about. I knew I would be very involved with my memories of China over three weeks and was looking forward to a more local association of ideas this week. So where does this silk scarf lead me?

It is Thai silk, lined so there are no hand rolled hems, a long scarf with the main body in palest peach with bands of duck egg blue at each end. It is decorated with small scraps of two tiny pieces of contrasting silk, and then machine stitched with about a dozen circles to create the eyes one would see in a peacock’s tail. It is beautiful, delicate, very feminine and must have taken a lot of sewing time for the craftsperson. I draped it over a lamp so I could get a detailed photo to show the stitching. There just happened to be this little gold figure sitting by the lamp. Circumstances this week have determined that I should mention what is going on in British Royal circles as my blog in many ways is a record of an unusual year in a pandemic. I refer of course to the discord and hurt being experienced by so many people in one big family with serious issues being exposed, mental health, racism, grief, loneliness, in fact problems also common to many ordinary people which have been exacerbated by Covid. My own opinion has fluctuated over the week, but one must not be judgemental without access to the actual facts.

Instead of dwelling on the unpleasant rift within our British Crown family, I will tell you about the double Lotus throne. My tiny gilded wood carving is of the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Guan Yin who sits serenely holding the Ball of Life. This was a farewell gift to us from a graceful Dutch friend Inga when we left Hong Kong and she hoped it would take care of us in our new home in not Los Angeles, like Harry and Meghan, but San Francisco. It is still looking after me.

How I wish that there was more compassion in this world today, along with a little humour.

Guan Yin holds the Ball of Life to her belly. Surely a healthy child born to a loving family is the greatest gift, no matter skin colour, sex, or diversity. It’s Mother’s Day today and let’s hope that may bring some healing. Now, can I stick my neck out and speculate whether the next Sussex baby will have red hair or am I being racist and claiming she will be a Celt?

My own DNA shows great variety! I wonder where I got my sense of humour?

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 36.

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