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Blog 39 - Chanel Gems & Pearls

This is going out on Monday morning and I will not tell any historical or fanciful stories today although it is in my blood. Did I tell you my father, the one from the Russian blog was a storyteller who used to entertain five children in his mother’s dark parlour by firelight on a large leather pouffe, or was it a polar bear skin brought back from his own father’s travels in the American Gold Rush. Five little cousins, knowing it was Daddy to my sister and me and Uncle Ed to the other three, telling the ghostie story, but still clutching each other, scared but fascinated.

Today I am wearing a scarf which is symbolic of friendship.

I thought of it yesterday as I remembered Mary Queen of Scots’ jewellery at Arundel, lovely pearls and bracelets and the rosary bequeathed to a close friend.

This silk scarf is by Chanel and was bought by my husband as a gift for a dear Californian friend Alice. He had been on a business trip to Hong Kong and brought back two Chanel scarves, a blue one for me and this very highly coloured one for Alice. It was years afterwards when she told me she didn’t like it and was going to return it to me. That’s honesty between friends.

So, today I am wearing this very extravagant scarf, some faux pearls and big dangly earrings.  That’s the way to start a Monday morning. I might even have a dab of Chanel No.5! Now for the ironing.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 39.

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