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Blog 39 - I Believe

It's some time since I set you a little puzzle with one of my scarves, so today I believe it's time to test your observant skills!

Look closely. You will see a silver satin scarf, no other colour, yet the design is clearly shown in its jacquard weave. I think you will easily identify it comes from Paris as it shows several famous landmarks. The Eiffel Tower is easily recognised, the Opera, the Moulin Rouge for the gentlemen's pleasure of the can-can, then horrors! the nightmare of driving round the Arc de Triomphe, the beautiful Sacre Coeur where I fell in love at fourteen with a handsome French garçon or was is that his family owned a chateau? Then there is Notre Dame and La Madeleine. I am sure those readers who have visited Paris will have individual memories. Even my brooch is French from a posh Parisian boutique, a gift from a dear Californian friend, which always brings back good thoughts. But to my test for Easter Sunday....have you picked up a clue to tell this is an old scarf? Look again.

The clue is in Notre Dame.

Of course, it no longer has that famous spire. Nearly two years ago on 15th April the world looked on aghast at Notre Dame on fire whilst the spire toppled in the inferno. It seems fitting I should wear this scarf today. I listened to a tv news item this week telling that the spire will be rebuilt in the original design of the 19th century. To do this, oak trees had to be sourced to provide the 18 metre long beams....that's an almighty tall tree and a thousand are required to rebuild the spire and frame of the transept. An ancient forest of these two hundred year old trees was sourced near Le Mans. Even that name tugs at my heart remembering my husband going off with his mates to watch the famous car rally there. But back to the oak trees...a huge task for the fellers as they have to be cut by the end of March before the sap rises, the wood needing 12-18 weeks to dry out....and guess what each tree is worth....€15000. If anybody wants more mental exercise on the total cost, just keep adding noughts.

It's amazing where these scarves take me, but today I will not be in Paris. I have swapped the magic carpet this week for a journey in a REAL car. I was picked up like a parcel by a daughter and transported to Wiltshire, not for an Easter picnic but Christmas Dinner! Of course, I could not see my children and their families for Christmas because we were all in lockdown but this week conditions are eased a little. The turkey has been defrosted from the freezer, likewise the brandy cream, and hopefully the Christmas Pudding is not past its consumption date. I believe a granddaughter has some crackers, even an offer of Hallowe'en masks, I have lots of tartan and offered a haggis from my freezer so we could also celebrate Burns takers on that! We have missed so many special occasions this past lockdown year, this Easter is a glorious opportunity to celebrate all together.

I looked up the blog I wrote last year for Easter. The photo shows me in a big glamorous Ascot hat. This Easter I will wear my red and white baseball cap which reads "I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS". Will I be disappointed if I hang up a stocking?

At least I can believe if we are all sensible and kind to others, we can survive.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 39.

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