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Blog 40 - Hearts

I am fortunate in having four wonderful granddaughters and I am going to dedicate a blog to each of them, starting with the youngest.

I have chosen a Moschino Cheap & Chic satin silk scarf, cream background with many hearts printed in a sludge green. I bought it in a charity shop in Montrose on the east coast of Angus, trying the patience, I am sure, of my charity shop guide who did not understand my passion for scarf souvenirs wherever I visit. Little did I know then, that these scarves would be my lifesaver during enforced isolation and perhaps part of history in the future if my epic scarf journey survives. This scarf does not shout out but I like hearts and it was brand new. I believe there is a Cheap & Chic perfume by Moschino...don’t have that, so I will stick to Chanel No.5 which I extravagantly opened yesterday. I will also set the record straight and disassociate myself with Marilyn Monroe. I don’t think she wore bed socks?

So, why my heart emblazoned scarf for today?

My granddaughter saw a request on BBC News for volunteers to make crocheted red hearts for Swindon Great Western Hospital. They would be donated in pairs to grieving families, one for the lost one and the other to be retained by the family as a comforting reminder. She has a very old crochet hook, a family heirloom of her boyfriend’s great grandmother. That can probably tell a few stories too. Being in the twenty first century, she consulted YouTube for a pattern and the instructions were in Spanish! Fortunately she has been studying Spanish online watching videos and films and jotted down the odd phrase in an old notebook.....see photo. I wonder who was shouting at her as she wrote...Tengo que lavar los puedo tocar la guitarra......I have to wash the dishes. I cannot play my guitar!

She made many tiny hearts for the hospital and I hope they brought comfort to those who were left behind. She was kind enough to give me one. I hope she kept one herself to maintain a bond despite being a hundred miles apart.

So, the message for today is.....keep heart.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 40.

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