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Blog 45 - Peacocks

Having written yesterday about the Peacock Throne, made me think about this magnificent bird, so I searched for my LIBERTY scarf showing a subtle interpretation of its feathers. Liberty has used this design for many years in its fabric department, on many of its products and on silk for this scarf. Mine is from the Eighties.

I have shown it with a pair of earrings made of real feathers which I bought in Texas at a craft fair some time before I acquired my scarf back home in London. The necklace of green chrysoprase and agate was bought only a few years ago at another craft fair in York House in Twickenham. My daughter and I were into crafting ourselves at that time and we were exhibiting our wares. We had good sales and I blew all my share of profits on the necklace from another exhibitor! Generally, I put my profits towards a granddaughter’s education, but on this occasion, the peacock in me prevailed.

Since I have lived in Richmond, Kew Gardens has been a big part of my life and I have more than one peacock memory from there. Young grandchildren were impressed that Grandpa Godfrey knew the train driver Tom there, as well as the icecream vendor near our home who would offer them free ice creams. Wow! What friends to have! Riding round Kew on the Kew Explorer with Grandpa’s friend Tom, we were treated to the wonderful sight of a peahen with about eight pea chicks running alongside us. I think Tom must have had some peacock treats to entice them. Mum and babies were all brownish, not at all showy like Dad.

Many years later, I would see another peacock made entirely of orchids during Kew’s Orchid festival. It was sponsored by Thailand where the native peacocks are green, unlike the Indian blue. Kew had created a blue one to show off the blue orchids, but I suppose that was artistic licence. I don’t believe there are green orchids.

My third peacock photo shows a male resting in the foliage around the Japanese Garden at the time of Dale Chihuly’s last exhibition of his amazing glass creations. It seemed fitting that the brilliant colours of the peacock were matched by the glowing glass spheres in the raked sand. I wish he had displayed his train, but he did not rise to cue.

Unlike the peacock who strayed into the open theatre in Holland Park during an opera performance last year and nearly stole the show!


Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 45.

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