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Blog 47 - Ancient Treasures

I have been searching for information about this scarf from the Orient. I sent a quick photo of it to Chinese and Japanese friends to get a translation of the calligraphy. I had another look at the photo I sent to them and see I kept it in place on my table with the same carving I showed you yesterday with my Surreal Winged Lady. What an extraordinary resemblance there is between the shape of the surreal creature and the shape of the ancient oil lamp, or whatever antiquity it is. Can you see it?

I don’t have a story about my scarf, as it is shrouded in mystery. Don’t know where I bought might be Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau or anywhere in Mainland China where we travelled extensively in 1979 long before the country was open to gweilos like me. I have also found a ticket to an exhibition of antiquities in Hong Kong  so maybe I bought it then as a reminder of a cultural heritage older than my own.

My Chinese friend thinks the characters are in the style of very ancient writing which was done on bone or tortoiseshell and my Japanese friend thinks she has identified some words, old, world and treasure. So, over to you reading my blog.....I would be pleased to have any more suggestions. I have had the scarf for a long time.

I already told you I bought the fish-like carving at the Ham Fair. I was very excited to find it as I bought a piece of similar work in Bali of a horse’s head as a gift for an equine-mad daughter. It must be exciting for an artisan to start with a piece of burl wood combining quirky nature with realism.

So here I am, seeing a connection through shapes, that of an ancient oil lamp on my mystery silk scarf from the Orient and my impulsive purchase, probably Indonesian, at a very English village green fair!

I had intended writing about a Hermes scarf today, but seeing these two objects together set me off on another track. No mysteries tomorrow. The Hermes came straight from Paris, but ah! .......which one?

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 47.

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