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Blog 48 - My First Car LB3067

This has to register with everyone reading my blog. To get into a vehicle and, by whatever means, one moves forward, that memory stays forever.

Yesterday I promised you a Hermes scarf. I have treasured this one designed by Francoise de la Perriere and it is in pristine condition despite being of 1965 vintage. It is named LES VOITURES A TRANSFORMATION, showing the progress of vehicle design. My very generous husband bought it for me in Paris. I may have to dress up today, paint my fingernails and choose my earrings carefully to do justice to its finery.

The very old photo shows me in my first car, warning a slightly younger boy cousin to keep his hands off! I wonder if that rather splendid vehicle survived? I sometimes see old peddle cars being auctioned on tv or being brought back to former glory in The Repair Shop programme. It would be nice to think it survived.

Looking at that huge bow in my hair, it could almost be a small scarf.  Did my mother start training me very young to be creative (?) with scarves, large and small?

Tomorrow, we shall take another of my coach journeys and I will tell you about my most exciting car. My scarf will be simple, but the destination grand and the car, very, very special.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 48.

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