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Blog 5 - The Dragon

It has been hard to get going today. I got news of so many personal contacts who have the corona virus. The one o'clock news did nothing to lift the spirits, so I escaped to my Aladin's cave of brightly coloured scarves. Immediately, everything became cheerier as happy memories flooded back.

I wore this scarf at the end of January before we knew the virus had hit us.  It was all part of a carefully laid plot, a Red Herring you might say. It was Chinese New Year and this was the most oriental scarf I have. I hasten to say 2020 is not the Year of the Dragon, but this beautiful scarf by Cartier of Paris sports such a prancing beast.

I had promised a special surprise treat to celebrate my granddaughter's 21st birthday. She and her parents were instructed to be at my home for a glass of bubbly with only the knowledge a taxi would pick us up at a certain time. Chinese treats with our drinks were planned to fool them we were going out for a Chinese banquet. Taxi drove us southwards down the 316.  Passed by home of sister.  Ah ha! A secret party at her house? Passed that.  Two roundabouts south we turned off. There's a big Tesco there. Takeaway Chinese supper?  Certainly not.

We drove up to Twickenham Rugby Stadium at 6.30 pm. A rugby match? No.

Still no clues. Remember my red herring scarf! Ushered into restaurant and all was revealed.

Ronnie Scott Jazz Club had taken the stadium for a Cuban Evening. Brilliant Cuban dinner, Cuban cocktails, then to the main venue for a great night of music and dancing. My Dragon shimmied to the salsa happily!

It's a pity the Rugby Six Nations came to an abrupt end. I enjoyed seeing these men's powerful thighs!

Put on some music and dance!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 5

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Oct 15, 2020

Hello Hazell,

I'm new to your blog having, like many others, read about you in the NYT, and a fledgling collection of scarves of my own.

I have a soft spot for Hermès but this Cartier carré is most striking and I'm sure you cut a dash on the dance floor!

As I live in Hong Kong, the Chinese New Year and its zodiac is familiar to me (I'm a snake - a little dragon!). We recently celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival which I'm sure you remember fondly.

Anyway, I'm meandering through your blog and look forward to the first Hermès!


Apr 01, 2020

I’ve just caught up with your blog Hazell. Keep it going, so uplifting. I’ve just started a patchwork quilting project using Kaffe Fasset‘s fabrics. Monica xx


Mar 31, 2020

Another great story! Bless you. xx


Janine Phillips
Janine Phillips
Mar 31, 2020

Fabulous story!!!! Cheered me up in the North... Thank you! I always remember Clare and I telling you what we had got up to when I came to stay in Sausalito and you declaring

" you gals... What a hoot!".... Well Hazel... I'm saying to you now "you gals... What a hoot! '.

You are an inspiration for us all xxx

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