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Blog 6 - VJ Day

I wrote a blog in Series 1 on VE Day so it is fitting I should remember today the real end of World War Two exactly seventy-five years ago. The photo of my scarf shows two magazines in the background, one showing the statue commemorating the Battle of Britain and another with the slogan Welcome Back Britain encouraging us now to support our national and local business. We are truly in a postwar situation where our economy is concerned yet still at war with an ongoing silent enemy. Some of my best friends are German and Japanese and I want to think that today represents an opportunity to build on peace rather than remember war.

I have no vivid childhood memory of VE Day but VJ Day was outstanding. My mother, sister and I were on a train leaving Scotland for the first time on a visit to Lincoln. As small children we were spoilt by sweets and chewing gum from celebrating Servicemen on the train. I remember it was a happy time.

So I am wearing my silk scarf today which represents a very pleasant day I had as recently as last weekend. The scarf is from the Sixties, French and is signed ‘peint main’ by CHARDOM of Lyon. It has four large flower heads reduced to the most simple shapes, very stylish in subtle shades, hand painted. Lyon is of course France’s foremost centre for silk production and has been so for centuries enjoying success, Royal patronage, persecution and rebellions within its industry. How many stories could be told by fleeing Huguenots in the 17th century, the uprisings of the poorly paid Canuts in the 19th century and later the fame from the big names like Hermes who manufacture there today. My scarf was made in the happier times of the Sixties.

Last weekend, my other photo was not shot in France to remind you of the sunflowers of Van Gogh, Diego Rivera or Paul Gauguin, but in a humble Wiltshire field with my granddaughter. We had been working all day on the initial work of producing a book of Series One, the first hundred scarf blogs. We took time out to enjoy the sunflowers in a Tilshead field, their golden heads growing amidst barley with the odd thistle and cornflower. There was not a aeroplane in the sky. I wore my scarf around my head.....too hot for my neck and it would have looked a bit silly in shorts! I did wear some dangly earrings! Frieda Kahlo, wife of Diego Rivera would have approved.

As I write this I am now back in Richmond, no sunflowers, not even a ray of sunshine, but I have my scarf collection and the news today the fourth great grandchild expected in January is another boy. Four down, three to go to get a seven-a-side rugby or football team! I will remember VJ Day as VERY JOYFUL.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 6.

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