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Blog 6 - YSL Blue Garden

I feel so privileged to have a garden, albeit a tiny courtyard. My diary used to be filled with dates to visit gardens, castles, stately homes on my coach outings with the U3A, Age UK, the Macular Support group, VISOR (Visually Impaired Society of Richmond) or even just a bus ride to Squires Garden Centre. Looking in my diary, I see today I should have been having tea with the Mayor on one such outing and maybe a walk around York House gardens.


I am having to rely by my scarf of the day to remember a very wonderful garden in Marrakech. The Blue Garden of designer Yves St. Laurent. My scarf is mainly deep blue, the theme of this peaceful garden around the blue villa created by the painter Jacques Majorelle. Outside the walls there is the hubbub, dust, smells of Algeria. There is the same contrast today in our lives but reversed......chaos within the home, kids being naughty, restless dogs deprived of walks, women wanting to throw a frying pan at someone and men grumpy with no football. ......outside I guess the streets are quiet.

I wonder if anyone reading this has been to Marrakech or indeed it strikes a chord with any other peaceful garden you have visited. Yves Saint Laurent, born in Algeria, lived most of his life in France, but wanted his ashes returned to his blue garden around Villa Majorelle. He must have loved it. I love his elegant scarf.

I had a rather sore head on the day of my visit to the garden. No, not a hangover. I was on a golfing holiday with my White Lodge buddies. Back at our hotel after a golf game, I was playing table tennis on the paved area around the pool wearing Birkenstock sandals! Foolish, yes! I went for a wide shot and my Birkenstocks remained fixed to the spot. Fell backwards, cracked my head, placed on stretcher, bag of ice on head, fed arnica pills, refused hospital visit. Later, an odd sight, playing bridge in hotel garden, still with plastic bag of ice on head, cocktail to hand.

Back home, there is no room for ice cubes in my needed for mince beef, sausages, ribeye steak, peas and baby broad beans.

See you tomorrow.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 6

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Perrin Fox
Apr 02, 2020

Morning Hazell. I love this one! You look terrific with your sunglasses on! Think YSL would be proud to see you wearing his scarf. And I'm loving the stories! Keep well. Much love. Perrin. 🤗😘


Regine Gray
Regine Gray
Apr 01, 2020

Yes, lovely garden......the next day I took a video of my husband sitting at a table in our hotel garden, when I played it back we were surprised to see the great man himself sitting at the next table with his boy friend !

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