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Blog 66 - Friendship

Thinking about Scottish country dancing, an interest to which I admitted in yesterday’s blog, and belts set me off remembering my last visit to my home county of Angus. I wanted to catch up with my cousins there and asked them to book me into a bed and breakfast nearby.  What an unexpected pleasure that turned out to be. The B&B was formerly a minister’s manse with high ceilings, a grand staircase and a cosy dining room where I had a full Scottish breakfast, eating enough to keep me going all day. I started out in a basement room, the former bedroom of my landlady’s daughter, as the house was full. Cannot tell you what a warm welcome I had....before long I was part of the family, the other visitors had left and I was upgraded to a very posh room on the first floor.

I mentioned in my Hearts blog about finding a designer scarf in one of the Montrose charity shops and shared my joy of this trophy with my landlady. The next day, I had another treasure hunt in the charity shops of Brechin, the neighbouring city and bought the belt you see pictured here. I think this is a man’s kilt belt which might have been worn in country dancing, or maybe to a football or rugby match. This was also shown to my lovely landlady. I stayed there only three or four nights.

Imagine my surprise, months later to receive a parcel containing this black and white silk scarf from my host. She had seen it at a fair in Glasgow, I believe, and thought it would match my statement belt.

Now, that’s what I call Friendship. Furthermore, a year or so later she paid me a flying visit in Richmond and treated me to lunch at the Ivy. I know she reads my blog. 

She loves to come south to the London theatre. Hopefully, they will open again when Covid is tamed and I can say ‘Haist Ye Back.’ I owe you lunch...... thanks to scarves.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 66.

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