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Blog 67 - Bicyclists

I have just learned that a granddaughter and her partner who are keen on exercise have bought a bicycle with an additional seat for their one year old child. Previously, they had walked with him in a pouch, but his increasing weight made the Salisbury Plain hard going.  My Hermes scarf shows many bicycles, a tandem and an incredible machine which has a party of seven on it. Their little family was talking of a vehicle for three, but seven?

I don’t know in which year I received this scarf from my husband. It was designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1957 and reissued in 1973. I guess it was after 1973 as we were struggling with our first mortgage at the earlier date, even making our own wine from rhubarb, figs or even parsley. French wine and silk scarves were not allowed in the budget.

I took my first walk last week since lockdown. How different the cyclists of today, hurtling along at great speed with space age helmets. I didn’t see a straw boater hat on one! I had to ascend and descend stairs to cross Twickenham  Road Bridge over the Thames. I politely waited until the stairs were clear of people, but alas as I descended, a family of four carrying their cycles passed me with barely inches between them and me. So much for social distancing. I approve of exercise, but it needs a safe space.

Back to my Hermes scarf.  I thought it would be nice to show it with a Hermes belt. My scarves are all vintage from France, but the belt is a copy, or maybe a factory overrun, bought on a golfing holiday in Turkey. It is reversible, black leather and bright orange. The orange side would set me off on another quest. That’s for another day.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 67.

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Judith Mcd
Judith Mcd
Sep 27, 2020

And my Mother, RIP, making dandelion wine in big glass jars after she had coerced me to pick them all on a factory lawn , omg!

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