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Blog 68 - O. C. D.

I freely admit to a slight hint of the above disorder and am most grateful to have it, otherwise I would not have my vast collection of scarves......maybe we will not mention earrings, belts and handbags!

I showed my handsome Hermes belt yesterday in its sombre black mood. After all, one has to be serious on one of these precarious bikes. Today, I have reversed it to show its flamboyant orange and openly admit to my O.C.D tendency. When I bought it in Turkey in the up-market hotel shop, there was also a matching orange purse with the H buckle in the trademark orange Hermes box. That was pricey and I felt I had indulged enough. I regretted not buying it immediately I returned home and set about searching for a matching orange leather bag. Orange was not the ‘in’ colour that year. I think it was purple. I gave up on my search.

Some years later, I was whiling away my time in Alicante airport having checked in, and there in a smart boutique was a big selection of bags with the H buckle, in all colours, including orange. I didn’t have the belt with me, but I reckoned it was the same shade. I bought it. I fingered the identical model in cream and brown cow skin. Carpe Diem! I bought it too!  It would take another trip a later year to find the cow skin belt, not in Alicante, but another wonderful Spanish city,  Valencia.

I was delighted to find the colour, quality and grain of leather identical to my orange belt. I adorned it with a small silver ingot from my uncle. He died in a care home a month ago. Was it Covid or old age, I don’t know. 

Lest you think I am extravagant, my scarf cost 50p. It is small, synthetic satin and had cheap machined hems. I took the trouble to turn over a very narrow hem, and hand stitched it. If I priced my labour even as low as the minimum working rate, it now makes it a little more valuable. 

I write this blog against myself, but I wanted you to know not all my scarves are designer ones!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face.

Blog 68.

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