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Blog 70 - George Washington's Carriage

A different form of transport today shown on another Hermes scarf by Caty or Cathy Latham. She seems to use both spellings. One wonders why she, using the name Caty, would choose to design a scarf showing the carriage of the first President of the USA. I read that she designed it in 1978. The date does not tie up with any particular event, as far as I know, in the eighteenth century. George Washington was born in 1732 and rode in his carriage, made in London, from his New York home Federal Hall to the Federation’s new capitol on the banks of the Potomac River. His inauguration would have been in 1789. 

Hermes say that Caty was inspired by a painting by Robert Harris of the President done some three years later in 1792. Still no tie up with dates.

I do hope some of this obscure information will help some reader in a pub quiz when the pubs open again, or indeed sooner if you are participating in quizzes on line.

I have a telephone hospital appointment today with the stroke clinic. I wonder if my consultant will be impressed by my scarf, should we be able to see each other. Another new experience. Perhaps, I will throw in the question to him about the date of the first Presidential election to test his memory function!

If I had a crystal ball, I wonder what it would reveal about the political situation in America and the Presidential chances of Donald Trump after five to six more months of the virus, or indeed the social unrest raging as I write. Your guess is as good as mine.

The other photo shows Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. This tiny picture hangs in my husband’s study. When he worked abroad for many years, he missed his London Livery connections and was overjoyed to find the Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London of North America. He would become Master of this and I believe the Company visited Independence Hall for a special dinner. I suppose he arrived there by taxi, rather than any grand carriage.

I am proud to say I have also received the Freedom of the City of London, and am entitled to drive my sheep over London Bridge without paying a toll, and should I be hanged I have the choice of a silk rather than hemp rope.  I will endeavour to be law-abiding!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 70.

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Emily Lauchlan
Emily Lauchlan
04 de jun. de 2020

I think this is my favourite design and blog so far! 💗 Love you lots xx

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