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Blog 70 - Secret Valley

This week I chose the title before I decided on the scarf. Whichever one will fit the title? I am having to write this a week in advance as I shall be out of the country and hopefully in Cyprus. With a bit of hope and a lot of good luck I will be wearing the scarf in Secret Valley, a beautiful golf course high in the hills behind Pathos overlooking the sea and Aphrodite’s Rock.

Well, I’ve found the perfect scarf. It had to be small and light as I anticipate a temperature of 24 degrees C. As you read this I shall be on an early morning golf round and it should be warm by midday. My scarf has to be at one with the natural surroundings of green trees and hopefully some hidden flowers. The chosen scarf is fine silk with the daintiest hand rolled edges, dark olive green and cream. The design shows small flowers in one corner graduating to medium, then to larger ones in the opposite corner. I hope this will be the same for my golf…..starting modestly and dare I hope…..growing in improvement. Of course it might also mean my total number of golf strokes getting greater too as the days have gone by.

But all of this depends on my success with negotiating a 3.30 am start last Tuesday to get to Gatwick, having the right covid forms, ID, etc.,etc., and a commercial aeroplane flight instead of my trusty magic carpet. If I manage all that, hopefully next week’s blog will be full of Cypriot adventures.

In advance I shall be trying to get on the right side of this Aphrodite goddess of love. I will have been using marjoram essential oil all week, distilled from her favourite flower and I will look out for the wild plants today as I scramble around off the fairway looking for yet another mishit golf ball. I look out at her rock and wonder if there may be an Adonis searching for these flowers for his goddess in this secret valley? I can promise my worried daughters reading this I will not speak to any mountain goat herdsman or sandalled hunter. I don’t speak Greek……but I’ll dab a bit of the essential oil behind my ears anyway!

More from Cyprus next week.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 70.

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