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Blog 71 - June Yellow

Today may be a little hard for me as I have to possibly face the dreaded eye injections for age related macular degeneration, AMD. I have therefore brought the yellow from my pond flowers and the brightest scarf in my collection to lighten the day whatever. I will probably be in dark glasses later and I will certainly be wearing a face mask for the hospital visit. In January, long before we knew about the Corona 19 virus, I bought fifty face masks on line to safeguard myself from cold and flu viruses, as I’d been very ill with an odd bug over Christmas...... still have not recovered my sense of taste or smell. Supposedly, we didn’t have Covid then, but I wonder? I have masks in black, white, pink, blue and yellow! Maybe, I’ll decorate a blue one with a glittery yellow heart.

I like decorating, be it with bits of felt, embroidery thread or glass beads. It is so rewarding to take a few bits of greenery and other foliage from the garden, add a couple of brilliant blooms and there you have a table decoration without visiting the florist. I found the water iris root on the riverside after a high tide on a dog walk many years ago. In fact, I think it acted as a stick for a fetch and carry game with the dog on the way home. It is now well established in my small fishpond. The yellow flower heads compliment the scarf nicely. I am glad I can share it with you.....there’s nobody else in my garden!

The psychedelic scarf is probably older and I really can’t remember where I got it. I associate wearing it in the South of France in the summer..... it is certainly not a winter colour combination. It calls for white jeans, white linen shirt and a good tan..... probably lipstick too and certainly a pair of trendy shades. At least, I’ll be wearing the dark glasses later.

There is a signature on the scarf, M.J. Lion. It is pure silk and has hand rolled hems, so it is a quality piece with a clever geometric design. I guess it is either English, American or possibly French, the sort of thing I might have bought at an Art Fair in support of a young artist. Any ideas, anyone?

I will not be wearing it to hospital today, lest it gets contaminated. I don’t want it being sprayed with antiviral stuff and it’s not going in my washing machine. That is, provided I don’t miss my mouth with bleary sore eyes, post hospital, and dribble my red plonk tonight.... maybe I’ll treat myself to the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc today!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 71.

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Irene Campbell
Irene Campbell
06 de jun. de 2020

Hopefully you have had the dreaded virus and are immune.Love your brightest colour scarf.

Hope all went well with the dreaded eye injections. Thinking of you and much love.XX


06 de jun. de 2020

Hazell, you are not alone with that Christmas bug you had. Three of my friends, all in different parts of the country, all suffered the same symptoms and were bed ridden with an exhaustion that lasted a few days. Sue's boys caught it from their school that has a large number of Chinese students that returned from half term with it, Wendy works at a company that had people return from business meetings in Asia and closer to home my friends in Maresfield treated themselves to a skiing trip before Christmas and came home with both of them ill. All of them say that they had a raging temperature, dry cough, loss of breath and took about 3 months to…


05 de jun. de 2020

Rocking the face mask look!! Hope the eye appointment wasn’t too traumatic. 🤞

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