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Blog 76 - Gemini

I have two scarves associated with the signs of the zodiac and you have already seen my Versace with earlier blog 7 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. I chose another Italian designer today, GATTINONI who started his design house a long time ago dressing the likes of Audrey Hepburn and European royalty. Fernanda, the original designer, now high in the heavens, finds his name Gattinoni continues with handbags, wallets, belts and other accessories using the same design, making it accessible to the wider market rather than the privileged few. Their blurb says their designs take us beyond the earth, sky.....beyond the planets.  I’d better leave this one behind whilst travelling on my magic flying carpet! Cannot guarantee my fisherman’s knot will stay tied at such altitude!

I can hardly believe my Versace blog 7 was written whilst we were in Aries. We have raced through Taurus and now we are in Gemini. Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter today! I wonder how many more star signs we will go through before life settles down again?

The GATTINONI has a faded, antique washed out look. It sits well on an equally faded old world globe. It may be more washed out after what happened to it yesterday. My Fantasia Planetarium was laid out on the grass so the Latin inscriptions could be deciphered under the late afternoon rays of sunshine. The family dog thought a silk blanket had been provided for her comfort and plonked herself down! I will hand wash it tomorrow. This photo was not intended. 

Left the dog in peace, and gave up on the Latin translations, three years youthful study long forgotten.  Any interested scholars can help with ARMA VIRUMQUE CANO, ADGNOSCO VETEN, and VENERIS NEC PRAEMIA NORIS, although I cannot guarantee my spelling! I know some readers like a new puzzle for the day to break the monotony of the crossword, dead-heading the flowers, or making the Ocado wish list. I did manage to work out that Horus, the falcon god’s right eye was the Sun (power) and the left the Moon (healing). I wish both to you all.

To those with the twin sign celebrating their birthday today, I quote..... Beware letting someone sweet talk you into doing them a favour.  With a brain like yours, you can accomplish anything..... that’s an excerpt from Russell Grant.

I’m not sweet talking you, birthday girl, but could you take me to my home tomorrow and do a big grocery shop please? ...... and yes, more soap and hand sanitiser.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 76.

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