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Blog 78 - Carefree Days

Having just had a few days outside my isolated home, I have returned and wonder how I will settle.  I will just have to rely on my past memories of carefree days so why not start with a birthday photo from last year?

The scarf is a lightweight silk chiffon,  bright colours, with a design of irises. No big designer name. Remember the days when it was commonplace to celebrate with a lunch or dinner at a restaurant? For a ladies lunch, I like the Ivy in Richmond., I am not on a commission to write rave reviews! Quite accidentally when it first opened near my home and we tried it out, I was wearing an outfit which matched the colours of their menu, bright turquoise and shocking pink. I have two versatile knitted baby alpaca wool kimono jackets in these colours which are my Ivy favourites and easy to dress up with a beaded ethnic necklace.....add my outrageous pink, turquoise and purple tartan handbag to remember my Scottish roots.....Rabbie Burns would turn in his grave at such colours!......and I am ready to open that brightly coloured menu and order a lavender G&T!

Yes, that thought will keep me going. I will make a promise to myself to book a table for lunch whenever it opens and I am assured the tables are well spaced out.

In the meantime, I will check the moths have not attacked my alpaca and I will dust down the tartan handbag.

We must keep colour in our lives! Now that I am back home, I have located the last bottle of my Jacobs Retreat Rose so you can appreciate its beautiful colour and not have to rely on the amateur drawing of yesterday’s blog. Now on which celebration will that be opened?

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 78.

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