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Blog 8 - Masked Deceit

You may wonder today why my photo shows two scarves of identical design but in different colours. They are both signed LIBERTY and are silk. I wonder if you can spot the difference? If you have followed my blogs, you will know how fussy I am about hand rolled and hand stitched hems. This is always a sign of an expensive, good quality scarf.

Let me tell you about this one. It was designed in 1975 for Liberty by Collier Campbell, inspired by the irises and butterflies on a traditional Japanese embroidered kimono. The magenta pink one is of heavy silk twill with hand stitching and is an original which belonged to my mother. I have rarely worn it and it is in pristine condition. It is precious to have beloved items from another generation. I wonder what my family will make of my large collection when I pass on? Let’s stay in the present!

The orange one is a copy and I must have bought it in some Turkish market when I was searching for accessories to match an orange Hermes belt. It has machine stitched hems and the silk is half the weight of my genuine Liberty. I must have been persuaded by the colour rather than quality. Counterfeit articles should not be sold and Customs can seize and destroy them. I have had both scarves for years, but the time has come for drastic action. Scissors out! It still took courage to make that first cut and some skill to sew the slippery silk.  I am now quite proud of my unusual face masks, but whether they will protect me and others from Covid 19, I know not! I have allowed an opening to insert a filter for extra safety. My tatty orange scarf is now recycled as two face masks and a rather smart scarf headband.

I will sally forth today wearing my ‘Liberty’ mask and trust the strong arm of the law is not laid on my shoulder threatening my own freedom for sporting such MASKED DECEIT! I had better store away my other scarf with the beautiful magenta irises, blue and turquoise leaves and one solitary yellow butterfly, lest I get scissor-happy!

Happy Bank Holiday.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 8.

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