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Blog 83 - Real Or Fake?

All my Hermes scarves I have shown to date were bought in the Sixties to Eighties by my generous husband in France and are the real article. I believe the one I am wearing today is a fake. I cannot even remember where I bought it, but black and white is always smart, so I will dress it up with some equally fake paste jewellery which could pass as something Wallis Simpson might have worn and I’ll pretend I am off to Ascot. I used to love this week, years ago attending in person, and latterly catching highlights on tv. This will be the first year when there will be no royal party arriving in their coaches. My black and white scarf shows fine ladies and gentlemen riding in such carriages but on close inspection the details of clothing are not quite correct and Hermes would not design or print anything like that. It’s a counterfeit and another give-away is the lack of a ‘grave’ on the last E in Hermes. Sorry, I don’t have that on my iPad either for purists reading the blog! Anyway, I’ll make the most of it and look in my little book which describes all the different ways to tie a scarf and see if I can come up with something different. That will waste half an hour or so experimenting, when I should be dusting, vacuuming or tackling the ever mounting stack of filing!

You will know I have described many different forms of transport from coaches, chairlifts, flying carpets, seven-person cycling machines and today I am going to write about another vehicle. It is the ordinary tractor but one with the biggest wheels I have ever seen. This one drives through the sea! I link the memory of this one with real friendship and I feel this is one of the good things which has come out of the pandemic.....the value of real friends, the fake long gone. Let me tell you about this special tractor. 

For speed, I’ll fly off on the magic carpet to Devon, land safely at Bigbury-on-Sea to meet up with three good friends to share a few quality days together. We will stay in an apartment on the beach looking over the water to Burgh Island with its intriguing Art Deco hotel and tiny Pilchard Inn. When the tide is out, we can walk over the sand to the island and if we linger too long, our only way back is by the tractor ploughing through the waves. The hotel belongs to another age, that of Agatha Christie and Inspector Poirot, dinner jackets for the men, and fancy frocks for the ladies.  Agatha Christie did stay there and you may have even seen one of her mystery murders set in the hotel in an old tv series. Our foursome had planned a trip to Devon with a dressed up dinner at the hotel, hopefully arriving by tractor, but the pandemic put paid to that.

It will be another thing on the wish list when life becomes normal. In the meantime, I will consult the scarf book to see there is a way to tie my FAKE scarf around my head in a Twenties style to swank around with REAL friends. Might be useful if a sea breeze blows up during the tractor ride!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 83.

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Joan Vanduzer
Joan Vanduzer
17 июн. 2020 г.

Wonderful mixture of art, of memories of a famous writer, of the value of REAL friends - you have said it all!

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