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Blog 86 - Mothers and Daughters

How fortunate that my sister and I had a lovely mother. I am writing this on her birthday. She would be 108 today, not a lot older than Vera Lynn who died this week. I will be wearing this Yves Saint Laurent scarf which was hers. I have related in other blogs how generous my husband was in buying scarves. On one business trip to Nice, he bought two similar scarves by YSL (I suspect last minute at the airport), one with a cream background the other black, one for me, the other for my mother. My mother seldom wore black.  She was colourful as you can see from the photo of her with her two daughters so she chose the more flattering, lighter scarf. I now have both!   

I have always felt blessed with a good relationship with my mother, Little Granny, as she was known in the family, and I am fortunate in having two wonderful daughters. There were moments in rebellious teen years when I would have swapped one of my girls for an entire football team of wild boys, and probably my mother felt the same when I was a tomboy child. Now, I cannot speak too highly of my girls and I am pleased they have daughters themselves.

This is a simple tribute today to that relationship, but I could just as easily be writing about Grannies and granddaughters......or indeed Great Grannies and great grandsons. 

Yes, I know Fathers Day is coming up and I adored him too, but he didn’t wear silk scarves! I do have three engaging great grandsons and the eldest was kind enough to let me score a goal. I think I've left it too late to take up a new sport!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 86.

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