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Blog 9 - La Legende Du Poisson Corail

I had overlooked this Hermes scarf. Folded in a neat square, the colours were muted and rather uninteresting. I now look at it closely and study the inner coil of decorative fish.  Indeed these are some of the most valuable fish on our planet, the parrotfish. They live in the waters around the coral reefs, colourful beautiful creatures, keeping the coral healthy. They nibble away the algae and dead coral, making room for the growth of healthy new coral, and guess what, their fish poop come out as the finest white sand. If we ever get out of the horrible COVID mess and travel again to these white beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific, say thank you to these efficient cleaning machines! You will know which fish deserve your gratitude.

The scarf was designed by Christine Henry for Hermes in 2010 showing the artist's concern for the coral ecosystem and diversity of fish living there. Alas, the creatures have been overfished and mankind has upset the natural balance and health of the reefs. In many countries of the world it is now forbidden to eat parrotfish. I am sorry the colour scheme of my scarf does not do justice to the vivid turquoise, pink and gold hues of this amazing fish which can also change sex during its life! The artist has deliberately down played the title and Hermes name. You will have to look hard to see them.

I must keep my eyes peeled for another in a brighter colour scheme when second hand shopping becomes easier. I did find on the Internet that one had been sold at a Sotheby's auction. Lot 130 went for 500 US$!  Wow! It did have the famous orange box and original care tag. I no longer have the original box but I know the care instruction is to dry clean only. I must therefore be careful with the ketchup and red wine!

Keep nibbling, parrotfish and I will continue to dream of the white sands of Hawaii which you are building, meal by meal, grain by grain. For the moment I am looking forward to a few days this month on the beach at Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon. Now, which scarf will I wear for our celebratory dinner at the Art Deco hotel on Burgh Island? I trust parrotfish will not be on the menu.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Series 2, Blog 9.

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Perrin Fox
Sep 06, 2020

My part of the country Hazell! Bantham is one to my favourite places in the world too. It's a place to go when the chips are down to rebuild and reboot! Xx😘🤗

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