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Blog 90 - Nina Ricci

I have mentioned this name before in my SALISBURY blog. I am sure Nina must have turned in her grave at the idea of her famous perfume, albeit a counterfeit bottle, being used as a carrier for the deadly poison used in the Russian spy murder attempt. That was in the past and I want to write today about a new beginning.

The scarf I have chosen today is one of my brightest, designed by the Nina Ricci house, and I believe I bought it in Spain whilst I was on holiday on the Costa Blanca. The fashion house had many designers, launched many perfumes and changed ownership several times, the last being to the Spanish Puig empire. Forget gentle L’Air du Temps, in its Lalique bottle with soft pastel yellow scarf is bold with a great flower design in bright orange, dark olive green and cleverly edged with a hand sewn orange hem. It is a scarf which shouts confidence. I just happen to have a bracelet with the same unusual colour combination.

Yesterday was a turning point in life for me. I completed a 24 hour cardiac monitor test, running the gauntlet of two consecutive hospital appointments, face masks, temperature readings, stringent distancing and much hand cleansing. To celebrate, I had takeaway fish and chips in the garden with two of my family who chauffeured me to and fro hospital. I am hoping for a good heart result, but just in case I have to mend my naughty ways, today is the first day of my new life.  I even had a gherkin from the fish and chip shop. No wine at lunchtime but the finest bottle of still water from Blenheim Palace. Could not honestly tell the difference from my Richmond tap, but the bottle looked fancy. Nice to have it with my sister as our grandfather started life as a stable lad there.

Amazing how one can get quite excited about fish and chips and a glass of water! It helps if the sun is shining, a fountain playing in the fishpond and to have real company.

Boris tells us we can all get a little closer; one metre still doesn’t allow a hug, but it will open some restaurants, pubs and raise morale. One dares believe life can go on, the economy pick up and the world might even be a better place.

Yes, I did my bit today to get the economy going. I bought a new Gtech vacuum cleaner online, assembled it and cleaned the house. Alas, although more efficient than my old Gtech, it is heavier. I can only hope we don’t have another virus spike and I can get my cleaning lady back.

Things are really looking up. The chippy didn’t mind cash or card. I got a fifty pence coin in my change. I am overjoyed. A new one for my collection issued in 2005 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary released in 1755.

I will now don my mask, have a walk along the awakening High Street, get the Evening Standard and see if I can manage the easy crossword without the aid of any dictionary, Johnson’s or on line!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 90.

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