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Blog 91 - E Puella Pulchi

I am not sure what this means but these words are on my scarf. I bought it two years ago and I unfortunately disposed of the presentation box and explanatory note about the designer and her inspiration for the design. Her signature is on the corner of the scarf, Tamela Salman. Who knows? Someone out there reading this may know her. I think the words may mean something like beautiful women. The scarf is certainly beautiful in rich jewel colours, lapis lazuli, topaz, ruby, amber, green agate, with stars, minarets, sequins and two floating women.  The scarf really merits a journey on the magic flying carpet, but no, we are staying firmly on home soil in Richmond today.

Inspired by my fish and chips lunch in the garden yesterday, my freedom from the heart monitor and encouraging news from Boris about lessening of the social distancing restrictions, I had a goal to walk to my golf club today, pay my subscription, believe I would play again, and walk home once more. I had hardly walked outside my home and garden for three months, so I was not sure if my legs would make it! Perhaps, it was not very sensible to launch myself on the hottest day of the year and at midday. My black face mask decorated with a red heart was hot and made my sunglasses steam up.

After an initial wobbly stage, my legs held up, on the way back I ventured into the bank, completed my essential business and fired with this success, braved my first reconnoiter into Tesco. Copied others with hand sanitisation and cleaning basket handles. Amazed to find different fruits in season, white flat peaches, yum, yum! It’s three months since I have been in a shop. All quite calm and orderly. Another outing later in day to M&S, had to queue this time, 2 metres apart, inside shop all calm again and well structured for safe shopping.

Then the climax to a perfect day of goals favourite Cancer Research charity shop, which happens to be my nearest shop of any sort, was being cleaned for reopening.  This is where I bought my beautiful scarf I am wearing today. I am going to be very disciplined in future. If I buy any more treasures, I must give back two items for each one I buy.

Having tasted freedom today, I shall stay home tomorrow. Will not push my luck.

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 91.

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Sep 27, 2020

Google translator says e puella pulchi is latin and means "out of the despoils, a girl"


Michael Shiffman
Jun 28, 2020

Such wonderful memories cleverly brought into the here and now


Hazell Jacobs
Hazell Jacobs
Jun 25, 2020

I did not do my usual research on my scarf designer as I was out all day enjoying my new freedom and barely met my deadline for publishing! My sister has pointed me in the right direction and I now see her name is Tamara Salman, not Tamala. No wonder I love the scarf. Tamara was Creative Director for Liberty for six years, is mixed Iraqi/British heritage, has designed for Prada and launched her own brand in 2013. In my early married life, my husband visited Baghdad where she was born. My magic carpet could have taken us there, had I done my research and stayed home instead of going walk-about!

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