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Blog 94 - Tied With A Bow

This scarf is symbolic of how I feel today. It is pure silk crepe de Chine, with machined hems, so not top quality, but a pretty enough design. No designer name, not even a counterfeit copy, but feels nice to the touch. The silk square has a white background with one triangle of blue spots, the other triangle is blue stripes with chains inter woven with an orange ribbon and a big bow.

So, why did I choose this scarf today? I am gradually loosening the chains which have imprisoned me in my home for more than ninety odd days as I have written my blogs and I feel I can tie them up with a big bow and venture tentatively outside. Masked up, I have adventured to our high street to buy milk and the TV programme for the coming week. It began to feel normal again. I may even wear a bow in my hair tomorrow. My usual short bob is long and straggly and might tie in a ponytail. Oh, to visit a hairdresser! That might be coming. I know of two households this week where the chiropodist has paid garden visits. Little by little, what used to be regarded as necessities are now creeping back as highly desirable luxuries. So, my scarf is quite symbolic of all these breaks in the retaining chains. I even played a game of bridge with three safe friends in the garden this week. The cards will not be used for anyone else. Today, it was back to playing on line. Not the same. Tomorrow, a zoom meeting with the family.

Alas, there is a flip side to returning to old ways. We have enjoyed a wonderful peace during lockdown, few aeroplanes, little traffic noise and birdsong as I have never heard before. Now in Richmond we have been plagued by crowds of revellers not observing social distancing, boozing, drug taking, car park raves, insanitary behaviour, violence and so, so much vulgar noise. I have personally witnessed police and river rescue intervention at three am fishing three men from the river, another night a woman being dragged unwilling and screaming into a car and last evening it sounded as if Glastonbury had come to a small municipal Richmond car park.

I embrace breaking free of chains but let’s remember that same virus is out there, our police and medical services have done a great job, but they deserve some time out too, tied up with a very big bow.

Might have to escape further afield tomorrow on the magic carpet. Since writing that, I have had a knock at the door, and a lovely neighbour gave me this delicious lemon tart. I will have to be back early from any flight as I want to share it with my other neighbours. We will meet in our own private car park, safely distanced and we will keep the noise level down!

Busy Bee, Scarf Face!

Blog 94.

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